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How much does the Ground School cost? Many of the lessons are free. Once you register you'll have instant access to them. And note that these are not samples or demos. They are the full, complete lessons. When you are ready to continue into the full program, you may enroll for just $149.00. This provides you with complete access for a full year. And our "Forever Guarantee" of satisfaction makes it 100% risk free.
Does the Ground School provide me with a Certificate and a written test endorsement? Yes. After you have viewed all the lessons you can print out a signed Private Pilot Ground School Certificate of Completion. This proves that you have completed a course of home study as required by the FAA in Part 61.105 of the Federal Regulations. If you wish to take the FAA Written Test, the Online Ground School will provide a signed endorsement allowing you to sit for the Knowledge Test at any testing center in the United States.
I'm already a pilot. Is there anything here for me? Absolutely. There is no easier way to stay current with aviation topics. When Flight Review time comes around, it'll be a breeze for you. You'll find that you come here frequently to brush up and stay sharp. Review any of the lessons and materials at your leisure.
Will the Gold Seal Online Ground School run on an iPad? To a great degree, yes. Roughly half of the lessons will run on your iPad. In fact, these will also run on your standard laptop/desktop computer, so you have your choice. Lessons that will run on your iPad are marked with an orange icon containing the numeral “5”. Lessons that are not marked with the orange icon will only run on your laptop/desktop machine. Virtually everything else in the Gold Seal Ground School will run on either your iPad or conventional computer perfectly. This includes access to all of the supplemental and library resources, quizzes, and quiz reviews. Note that all of the lessons are animated and narrated and will operate most smoothly on your standard computer. For more information, click here
Can I try the Ground School for free to see how I like it? You certainly can. Simply register and you'll get immediate access to over a dozen full lessons without charge. No credit card, no strings attached.
Is there a money back guarantee? Yes, and it is absolutely the strongest guarantee you will find anywhere. We call it the "Forever Guarantee". If, at any time after enrolling, you are less than 100% satisfied we will give you a FULL, PROMPT, and COURTEOUS refund. There's no time limit. This guarantee lasts for as long as you are enrolled.
Can I talk to a real person if I have questions? Yes. You can contact us via email from several "Contact" links throughout the Ground School. Or, feel free to give us a call at 888-514-1945
Monday-Friday, 10:00am (eastern) to 4:00pm (eastern).
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